cARTel is us, together.

A place for like minded individuals that are looking for connection, collaboration and creativity to gather. We are motivated and driven to achieve something meaningful and want to create a community that can support each other in our endeavors.

cARTel meets a few times per month, starting our month with Master Mornings. Here we will discuss our goals, share ideas, and offer feedback to one another whilst having a cup of coffee or tea. We would love to have you.

Veme will also be hosting other cARTel events such as our potluck dinner where everyone brings a small dish or drink and whatever art piece they are working on at the moment. This is a place to share our work in a non judgmental environment while getting feedback from our community. Throughout the year we’ll also gather for activities such as collaging, tea tastings, play games, and many other creative projects to further our collective interests. (all at no cost)

Connection and collaboration are key values within the group. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone's voice is heard, and each member is encouraged to contribute their unique perspective and skills. 

We hope you want to join us in this creative, passionate, motivated group and feel inspired to come together and support each other to build a community of creativity and growth.