Abstract Art Workshops

Using alcohol inks I invite you to experiment with every color with... 

Pottery Workshops

Learn the art of hand building with these easy going workshops 

About VEME

VE(rona) & ME(lissa)

VEME is a gathering of creatives that are exploring and developing their art practice in a warm, safe and inclusive space.

Our workshops are designed for humans of all paths. We strive to awaken the side of you that wants to play. Using a multitude of mediums we help you express yourself in new ways. 

Located in Greenport, NY

  • Verona Peñalba

    Verona is a deeply intuitive painter who connects with the human spirit through flow of color in abstract and figurative work.

    She is interested in natural connection and the flow of energy in all its forms.

    Creativity, curiosity and freedom are a few of the attributes she invites their guests to experience during a workshop.

    Discover more of her work on her website Or follow on Instagram at @veronapenalba

  • Melissa Gabrielsen

    Melissa has worked with her hands for as long as she can remember. Discovering ceramics during an inspirational trip to Indonesia, she fell in love with the feeling of mud in her hands and hasn’t put it down since. She hand builds all of her work leaving little imprints of her fingers in each unique piece she makes.

    She specializes in the perfectly imperfect form.

    Owner and creator of FORME CERAMICS. Follow along with her journey on