Join us for a workshop filled of creativity and education as Carmen Campos, Ed.D., guides kids through the exciting process of making their own puppets. Carmen's passion for puppetry in education shines through her extensive experience as a puppeteer and retired language teacher.

About Carmen Campos, Ed.D.

Carmen Campos is not your typical educator—she's a puppeteer with a wealth of experience and a deep love for enriching education through the art of puppetry. With a background in language teaching, Carmen has seamlessly blended her expertise to create a unique approach to learning that captivates young minds.

Her dedication to puppetry in education is evident through her website, Here, Carmen shares her insights, tips, and resources on the incredible educational benefits of incorporating puppets into the learning process. As a well-respected figure in the education community, Carmen is a sought-after presenter at teacher conferences, where she passionately advocates for the integration of puppetry to enhance the learning experience.

Carmen goes beyond theory, actively engaging with students and teachers through workshops that bring the magic of puppetry to life. Her workshops are not just about creating puppets; they're about fostering creativity, communication, and a love for learning in both students and educators.

Making Your Own Puppet Workshop

In this special workshop, Carmen will guide young participants through the step-by-step process of creating their own puppets. From choosing materials to adding personal touches, kids will have the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild while learning valuable skills.


Visit to learn more about Carmen's mission and the educational wonders of puppetry. Secure your spot for this exciting puppet-making workshop, and let the creativity soar! Purchase your ticket here.