A Time Of Rest

As we continue to get VEME ready for gatherings - We stop and reflect. It’s only the beginning and it feels like we have come so far already. Before our workshops and gatherings get into full swing this coming April, we’ll take time to travel, rest and reset.

During this time of rest we explore what VEME means to us. Defining a brand for exploration of ones self through art and community. Here at VEME we hope to bring artist of all types and levels together. Creating a community is our main goal.

We will be hosting workshops of all kinds hoping to awaken the side of you that wants to play. Along with our regular workshops we will also be offering free and donation based gatherings for community members to join together twice a month to talk about whatever is on our minds. With these gatherings we hope to bring like minded people together to exchange ideas, stories, play games and make art in a fun casual setting. Sign up for our email list to stay up to date on new offerings!


What’s New?

In between her travels, Melissa has been working on a NEW collection featuring an exploration of forms. Stepping away from her collection for a short time - Melissa is heading across the world to Indonesia with close friends to gather inspiration and memories. Follow along on her journey through Instagram @forme.ceramics

Verona is heading to Nicaragua with her daughter to connect with loved ones. Being with family and her country of origin is re-energizing and reminds her of how colorful and abundant life can be. While being in Nicaragua, she will be working on a few abstract paintings and enjoying the beautiful beaches. Follow her journey @veronapenalba



VE(rona) & ME(lissa)